PhotoView 360: This Changes Everything

PhotoView 360: This Changes Everything is the first of my SolidWorks World 2011 sessions to be made available for download.  I have a couple more to follow in the next few days.  This was a 90 minute session giving an overview of PhotoView 360 2011 and how it compares to PhotoWorks and PhotoView 360 2010.  This presentation…

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T-Splines for SolidWorks!

While cruising the modo forums I stumbled on a post that caught my eye.  It was titled “T-Splines for SolidWorks” and it had one word inside, “NICE“.  I couldn’t help but think how much I agreed with that one simple word. Having been exposed to subdivision surface (SDS) modeling in modo I’ve been amazed at how easy…

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Animation Sessions at SolidWorks World 2011

In a previous post I mentioned the sessions I’ll be giving at SolidWorks world 2011.  My sessions focus on rendering but you’ll find a lot of the time rendering an animation go hand in hand. For this reason I thought I’d post some of the animation sessions being given at SolidWorks World.  Make special note of the…

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SolidWorks World 2011 Sessions

2011 is here already!  Time has been moving very fast for me lately which is part of the reason posts on this blog have slowed.  Axis CAD Solutions LLC has been very busy creating images and animations over the last year and if you’re using SolidWorks 2011 you’ve had a glimpse at some of them.…

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NVIDIA Quadro 5000 Review

In September Brian Harrison from NVIDIA contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in trying out a new Quadro 5000 graphics card.  I know most people would need their arm twisted to try out the latest hardware or software from a company but I jumped at the chance for a couple of reasons. First…

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NVIDIA Would Like Your Feedback

If you’re a SolidWorks user and graphics card performance is important to you have a look at the new survey from NVIDIA.  It only takes about 5 minutes to complete and once finshed you’ll be entered for a chance to win a new Fermi architecture based Quadro card.  You’ll also have the opportunity to join…

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PhotoView 360 2011 Sneak Peek

ioSafe External Hard Drive Review, Is It Disaster Proof?

You may remember a previous post here detailing the creation of an image for an external hard drive designed by ioSafe.  I created the image for SolidWorks who was developing a case study of one of their customers, ioSafe.  ioSafe uses SolidWorks to design, in their words, “disaster proof hardware”.  More specifically, ioSafe designs, manufactures…

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SolidWorks 2011 Beta Is Live!

The SolidWorks 2011 Beta contest  is underway!  This year the beta contest has a number of smaller contest running inside the larger overall contest.  One that I like is the specific PhotoView 360 2011 contest.    The PV360 contest gives you a chance to win some great cash prizes while creating renderings.  Did SolidWorks give PhotoView…

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Creating Animations With SolidWorks: A New Step By Step Guide

SolidWorks has released a new Step By Step Guide, “Creating Animations with SolidWorks“.  This guide is the replacement for the Motion Manager Step By Step Guide and has seen a lot of enhancements.  At 18 chapters and 516 pages it’s almost double the size of the old guide.  before we talk about the new guide…

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