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PhotoView 360: Instant images

“PhotoView 360: Instant Images” is a 60 minute hands on session from SolidWorks World 2011.  During a hands on session approximately 30 people follow along with the instructor (me) and/or the provided handout.  This session had so many pre-conference sign ups it was run twice and both sessions were full.  The presentation covers the basics of PhotoView…

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SolidWorks to modo: What’s in the Kit

“Solidworks to modo: What’s in the kit” was a well attended session at SolidWorks World 2011. Paul McCrorey and I teamed up to give this session together.  Neither of us had ever done a session with a partner but it went well and very smooth I think.  The presentation gives an overview of what users…

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PhotoView 360: This Changes Everything

PhotoView 360: This Changes Everything is the first of my SolidWorks World 2011 sessions to be made available for download.  I have a couple more to follow in the next few days.  This was a 90 minute session giving an overview of PhotoView 360 2011 and how it compares to PhotoWorks and PhotoView 360 2010.  This presentation…

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Animation Sessions at SolidWorks World 2011

In a previous post I mentioned the sessions I’ll be giving at SolidWorks world 2011.  My sessions focus on rendering but you’ll find a lot of the time rendering an animation go hand in hand. For this reason I thought I’d post some of the animation sessions being given at SolidWorks World.  Make special note of the…

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SolidWorks World 2011 Sessions

2011 is here already!  Time has been moving very fast for me lately which is part of the reason posts on this blog have slowed.  Axis CAD Solutions LLC has been very busy creating images and animations over the last year and if you’re using SolidWorks 2011 you’ve had a glimpse at some of them.…

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