PhotoView 360 2010 Tutorial Video: Background Images

PhotoView 360 2010 introduces a lot of new functionality that makes it a more capable product and moves it closer to replacing PhotoWorks in the 2011 release.  I’ve created eight tutorial videos in cooperation with SolidWorks to explain and expose users to this new functionality.  The videos will be appearing at the SolidWorks Gallery  website in the…

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2009 North Eastern SolidWorks User Conference

Registration is now open for the 2009 North Eastern SolidWorks User Conference (NESWUC).  Aside from SolidWorks World this will be the largest SolidWorks user conference in North America.  NESWUC 2009 is a one day event taking place on Friday, October 16th at the Westford Regency in Westford, MA. Building on the HUGE success of NESWUC…

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PhotoView 360 2010

As you may have noticed from the other SolidWorks blogs the Solidworks 2010 information embargo expired today (August 24th) and we are now free to discuss any and everything we like about the 2010 release.  As I expected most of the other bloggers are providing great coverage of core SolidWorks functionality.  What is of most interest…

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The Retirement of PhotoWorks.

In a recent blog post Matt Lombard breaks the news about the retirement of PhotoWorks after the SolidWorks 2010 release.  This news probably doesn’t come as a surprise to most SolidWorks users since I think most expected PhotoView 360 to take over the SolidWorks rendering duties at some point.  The announcement really just gives us a…

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State of the State

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted so I thought I’d give a run down of what’s been happening with me.  A “State of the State “or maybe a “State of the Rob” is a better way to put it.  This could turn into a lengthy post so I’ve broken it up into sections, in no…

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SolidWorks World Registration Is Live!

Believe it or not SolidWorks World 2010 registration is now live.  The event will take place from January 31 – Feburary 3rd 2010 in Anaheim, CA.  These dates feel like a long way off but I have the feeling it will be here before we know it.  In my opinion the real benefit of registering early for…

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On The Road Again.

On Wednesday June, 24th I’ll be traveling to Springfield, Massachusetts to present a Realview, PhotoWorks, PhotoView 360 session at the Western Massachusetts Solidworks User Group meeting.  I’ll be one of two presenters at the meeting which will be held at the Smith & Wesson Shooting Sports Academy.  If you’re a SolidWorks user in the Springfield area…

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PhotoView 360 SP 4.0 Adds Decal Support!

Please use Internet Explorer to view the video.  If using Internet Explorer and the video seems to hang after the “loading screen cast” icon is shown (”done” will be displayed in the lower left corner) use the browser refresh button and the video will reload and play.

New Step By Step Guides Now Available.

SolidWorks has just released the new PhotoWorks and MotionManager Step By Step Guides!  The Step By Step Guides are learn at your own pace manuals designed to be used by various skill levels.  As a beginner you can work your way through the chapters, each chapter covering a new topic and building on skills learned in previous chapters.  As an intermediate…

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New PhotoView 360 Video Tutorials

Clicking the “Gallery” icon in PhotoView 360 takes you to the SolidWorks website.  Up until now this website has been just what it’s named, a gallery of images.  That changed today when a collection of PhotoView 360 video tutorials were made available.  There are 7 tutorials in all.  The 5 tutorials in the “general”…

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