T-Splines for SolidWorks!

While cruising the modo forums I stumbled on a post that caught my eye.  It was titled “T-Splines for SolidWorks” and it had one word inside, “NICE“.  I couldn’t help but think how much I agreed with that one simple word.

Having been exposed to subdivision surface (SDS) modeling in modo I’ve been amazed at how easy it is for “poly” modelers to create very organic shapes.  My first reaction of course was, “why isn’t SolidWorks surfacing this easy“.  This led me to explore the topic a bit more and I found T-Splines is a sort of subdivision surface type modeler for NURBS.  Watch a couple of the videos at their website and you’ll see it’s very easy to create complex geometry.  Unfortunately T-Splines only works with Rhino and since I had no desire to learn more CAD software that ended my exploration.

Until now, because it looks like T-Splines now works with SolidWorks!  NICE.  I don’t have any specifics but this is the announcement at the T-Splines website.  It’s a bit buried in the first paragraph but it clearly reads, “T-Splines will be introducing its first fully integrated product for SolidWorks® , bringing T-Splines’ groundbreaking organic modeling capabilities to the SolidWorks user community.”  Looks like SolidWorks World just became a bit more exciting!. 😉

Posted on January 19, 2011 in misc.

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