ATI FirePro V5700

A while ago the SolidWorks bloggers were asked if they would be interested in testing some of the new ATI FirePro graphics cards.  I immediately jumped at the chance and as my good luck would have it I was somehow placed first on the list of testers.  My test machine arrived about 10 days ago and I…

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The Transformation Is Complete

The transformation is complete, well almost. If you typed in your browser and landed here then you know my website has changed. You probably had to wait a few seconds on the re-direct page before the new site loaded. I’m working on a way to eliminate the re-direct page wait time. Hopefully I’ll find…

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Solid Jott, You’ve Got To Check This Out!

Over the last couple of months I have been buried in work and this means I haven’t had a lot of time to blog.  I’m still buried in work, in fact I’m processing a lengthy fully rendered animation as I’m posting this but some e-mail landed in my mail box today I had to share…

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What’s in the October Issue of Develop 3D Magazine?

In June Develop 3D magazine was targeted and launched at informing readers about the tools and processes surrounding product development.  As you would expect each monthly issue has software reviews for a wide spectrum of the design process including, modeling, analyzing, rendering, rapid prototyping and colaboration.  Of course you’ll also find hardware information for things…

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PhotoView360 vs PhotoWorks: Environments & Lighting

  This is the third  of five posts in a series covering photoView 360 and PhotoWorks.  I’ve decided the best way to compare the two software’s is to break the rendering process down into five basic topics.    These topics will be:          ·        setting up materials          ·        setting up…

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PhotoView 360 vs PhotoWorks: It’s Coming

It’s coming.  Check back Monday October, 6th for the first of five installments covering PhotoView 360 and PhotoWorks.

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