Animation Sessions at SolidWorks World 2011

In a previous post I mentioned the sessions I’ll be giving at SolidWorks world 2011.  My sessions focus on rendering but you’ll find a lot of the time rendering an animation go hand in hand. For this reason I thought I’d post some of the animation sessions being given at SolidWorks World.  Make special note of the first session listed, Creating Animation with SolidWorks – Motion Drivers:. This session is being presented by Jim Boland and is his first SolidWorks World session ever.  This is hard for me to believe because Jim is a bank of knowledge on a number of SolidWorks subjects.  If you’ve ever taken a SolidWorks training course there is a good chance Jim wrote at least a portion of the training manual.  Him and I have collaborated on the PhotoWorks Step By Step Guides over the years and he recently finished the Creating Animations With SolidWorks Step by Step Guide which was reviewed here.  No doubt attending this presentation will be time well spent.

The other two sessions listed will be presented by Marlon Banta and Ron Bates, both from DS SolidWorks.  Like Jim, both of these gentlemen have a wealth of knowledge in a number of SolidWorks areas.  Both are also veteran presenters at SolidWorks World and their presentations are always full of information.  Some of their past presentations can be found here.  If you’re looking for SolidWorks Motion information these sessions will be a good utilization of your time at SolidWorks World.  There are so many good sessions at World seeing them all can be tough due to scheduling conflicts.  Remember, all sessions will be available to SolidWorks World attendees after the conference.

Creating Animation with SolidWorks – Motion Drivers: This 90 minute session will take you beyond the keypoint and simple mate drivers used by most users to create their animations. This session will cover the different types of motion studies, how to determine which is best to use, how SolidWorks calculates the motion in each study type and the 360/100 Rule. Drivers that will be explored will be the various types of motors (constant, distance, data point, segment, expression, oscillating), and the physics based drivers (gravity, contact, and springs) plus some hidden function like damping and friction. Lots of good information to make animations easier.

Introduction to the SolidWorks MotionManager – Hands-on: Learn how to choreograph and build an animation by arranging components and taking snapshots of them at key moments during a sequence of movement or change. Attendees learn the basic skills to create animations using the SolidWorks MotionManager.

Advanced MotionManager Techniques: In this session attendees will learn more advanced skills required to create animations in SolidWorks. This session will compliment the Introduction to the SolidWorks MotionManager Hands on session that will also be presented at SolidWorks World 2011.

Posted on January 9, 2011 in SolidWorks World 2011

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