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pv-360-galleryClicking the “Gallery” icon in PhotoView 360 takes you to the SolidWorks website.  Up until now this website has been just what it’s named, a gallery of images.  That changed today when a collection of PhotoView 360 video tutorials were made available.  There are 7 tutorials in all.  The 5 tutorials in the “general” area cover the basics and the “tips and tricks” tutorials branch out into intermediate topics.  If you’re a new PhotoView 360 user this is a great place to quickly come up to speed with the software.  If you’re not a person who renders their models but does use RealView to color or texture your model for a more realistic effect I recommend watching the “Appearance Hierarchy 2.0” tutorial in the tips and tricks area.  there’s some helpful information in there for all SolidWorks users.

Posted on April 14, 2009 in PhotoView 360, PhotoWorks, Solidworks Learning Resources

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  1. Amos Avery
    April 16, 2009 at 3:03 pm ·

    Wow, these tutorials are great. I can’t believe how much time I could have saved with a recent rendering project if I had known that a png already has the alpha channel removed. Thanks! I would love to see a detailed description of all of the output options for PhotoView 360 and what they might be useful for. I was not aware of the differences between a tga and a png and how I might exploit them until I watched this tutorial about removing backgrounds.

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