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SP3 Enhancements to PhotoView 360

Service Pack 3.0 for SolidWorks 2011 has been released and there are some great enhancements included for PhotoView 360. First up we see some great speed enhancements in the render preview.  Lot’s of users noted the integration of PhotoView 360 into SolidWorks 2011 slowed the render preview performance.  There was a couple of tricks to…

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Photorealistic Rendering Using SolidWorks and PhotoView 360

Photorealistic Rendering Using SolidWorks and PhotoView 360 is a new step By step guide from DS SolidWorks.  This guide replaces the PhotoWorks guide and is specifically written for PhotoView 360 2011.  At 562 pages it covers all aspects of PhotoView 360 as well as RealView and OpenGL graphics modes in SolidWorks. The book isn’t available…

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PhotoView Friday

Ron Bates from DS SolidWorks has started a new video series at the SolidWorks forum titled “PhotoView Friday”. According to his post he’ll be posting a new video every month and his goal is “to simply be another resource for our community, to help everyone learn more about rendering, and hopefully be more productive. Teach, inspire, share,…

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PhotoView 360: Instant images

“PhotoView 360: Instant Images” is a 60 minute hands on session from SolidWorks World 2011.  During a hands on session approximately 30 people follow along with the instructor (me) and/or the provided handout.  This session had so many pre-conference sign ups it was run twice and both sessions were full.  The presentation covers the basics of PhotoView…

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PhotoView 360: This Changes Everything

PhotoView 360: This Changes Everything is the first of my SolidWorks World 2011 sessions to be made available for download.  I have a couple more to follow in the next few days.  This was a 90 minute session giving an overview of PhotoView 360 2011 and how it compares to PhotoWorks and PhotoView 360 2010.  This presentation…

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SolidWorks World 2011 Sessions

2011 is here already!  Time has been moving very fast for me lately which is part of the reason posts on this blog have slowed.  Axis CAD Solutions LLC has been very busy creating images and animations over the last year and if you’re using SolidWorks 2011 you’ve had a glimpse at some of them.…

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PhotoView 360 2011 Sneak Peek

PhotoView 360 2011

Last fall SolidWorks issued this announcement about the retirement of PhotoWorks and the future of PhotoView 360.  Beginning with the release of SolidWorks 2011, PhotoView 360 will now be the standard photorealistic rendering solution for all SolidWorks software versions moving forward. PhotoWorks will no longer be available. With the launch of SolidWorks 2011, SolidWorks software and PhotoView…

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SolidWorks World 2010 Presentations Available For Download

It will be a while before SolidWorks makes the presentations from SolidWorks World 2010 available for download.  Luckily for you I’m able to make four of those presenations available now.  Two of the presentation were created by me.  PhotoView 360: instant images Find out how easy photorealistic rendering can be with PhotoView 360. In this session,…

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Holiday Rendering Contest!

The holiday season is coming up quickly and to celebrate Luxology is holding a Holiday image contest.  Who’s Luxology you ask?  Luxology is the developer of  the Nexus architecture which is the underlying technology behind Modo and PhotoView 360.  The contest has very few rules and is open to PhotoView 360 users.  So, have a look at…

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