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State of the State

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted so I thought I’d give a run down of what’s been happening with me.  A “State of the State “or maybe a “State of the Rob” is a better way to put it.  This could turn into a lengthy post so I’ve broken it up into sections, in no…

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PhotoView 360 SP 4.0 Adds Decal Support!

Please use Internet Explorer to view the video.  If using Internet Explorer and the video seems to hang after the “loading screen cast” icon is shown (”done” will be displayed in the lower left corner) use the browser refresh button and the video will reload and play.

New PhotoView 360 Video Tutorials

Clicking the “Gallery” icon in PhotoView 360 takes you to the SolidWorks website.  Up until now this website has been just what it’s named, a gallery of images.  That changed today when a collection of PhotoView 360 video tutorials were made available.  There are 7 tutorials in all.  The 5 tutorials in the “general”…

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PhotoView360 vs PhotoWorks: Environments & Lighting

  This is the third  of five posts in a series covering photoView 360 and PhotoWorks.  I’ve decided the best way to compare the two software’s is to break the rendering process down into five basic topics.    These topics will be:          ·        setting up materials          ·        setting up…

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PhotoView 360 vs PhotoWorks: It’s Coming

It’s coming.  Check back Monday October, 6th for the first of five installments covering PhotoView 360 and PhotoWorks.

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