The Transformation Is Complete

site-transformThe transformation is complete, well almost. If you typed in your browser and landed here then you know my website has changed. You probably had to wait a few seconds on the re-direct page before the new site loaded. I’m working on a way to eliminate the re-direct page wait time. Hopefully I’ll find a good solution soon. I’m open for suggestions.

As I mentioned a couple of months ago, I’ve combined Rob and Rob Rodriguez into one site. Other than the PhotoWorks Contest  information and images all the content at the original Rob site can be found here. All the presentations, PhotoWorks tips & tricks PDF’s and Winning PhotoWorks Contest files can be found on the “Downloads” page. The links to other sites can be found on the right side bar menu along with links to all the SolidWorks user groups in the Northeast. The Step By Step Guides can be purchased using the links on the left sidebar or the “Step By Step Guides” page. The “PhotoWorks Rendering Contest” page gives some past and future details about the contest as well as links to its new home.   Of course I have included a ‘Contact Me” page so everyone has the ability to send e-mail for whatever reasons. I actually receive quite a bit of mail over the course of a day from visitor’s to the site.   The “Image Gallery” page is a bit sparse right now but I’ll continue to add more images in the future.  I just need to find time to track down some of the best images, re-size them and add the watermarks.  The “About” page hasn’t been updated since 2005!  Of course a lot has happened since then and some of those things should be included on this page.  Again, I just need to take a little time and do an update.  The site will receive regular updates in the form of blog posts and if you’ve subscribed to the feed you’ll receive those updates automatically.

That’s about it. I still have some minor work to do but the site is mostly complete.   Hope you like the integration of the two sites. If you think I’ve left something out or have suggestions on things that could be better feel free to give me a shout.

Posted on April 9, 2009 in misc.

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  1. Lin Shaodun
    April 10, 2009 at 8:14 am ·

    mmm. the new site looks cool.
    For unknown reason, it looks not the same in Firefox 3.0 and IE8.
    In Firefox 3.0. the image below is not shown.

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