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The new year is upon us and for some that means SolidWorks World is right around the corner.  This will be my 11th year attending SolidWorks World and you would think after this many years it’s grown to be routine.  That is not the case however.  In fact, this might be my busiest SolidWorks World ever.  This year I’ll be giving 3 presentations on rendering, releasing some research from a recent project I’ve completed, making some announcements about an exciting new business venture I’m involved in and stopping by the New Mexico SWUG to give a presentation. It’s going to be a busy week.  You can find more information about my SolidWorks World presentations below.


PhotoView 360 101:  Monday February 9th from 1:30-2:30

This session is meant to expose the new PhotoView user to the tools available inside the software.  We won’t go in depth on any one PhotoView 360 tool but instead will touch on all the tools PhotoView 360 has to offer.  We’ll do this by walking through the creation of a rendering.  Along the way  we’ll touch on all the major areas, appearances, lighting, camera set up, saving your image, etc.  At the same time I’ll also show different options, settings and techniques available the new user may not be aware of.  The goal is to give a complete but general overview of the PhotoView 36o product.  If you’re a new PhotoView 360 user or are thinking about using PhotoView 360 in the future this would be a good session to attend.


Advanced Lighting Techniques for PhotoView 360:  Tuesday February 10th from 2:45-3:45

In this session I’m partnering with Ron Bates from Whitehall digital. This is a hands on session and if you’ve ever been to a hands on session you know they require two people.  One person presents the material and the other fields questions from and helps the participants.  Ron is filling the role of material presenter and I’m the participant helper.  Truth be told, Ron prepared most of the material for this session.  This will be an advanced session that covers some unique methods of lighting in PhotoView 360.


PhotoView 360 Tips and Tricks:  Wednesday February 11th from 1:30-2:30

As advertised this is a “tips and tricks” session.  I’m pulling some old tips and tricks from past presentations and also adding some new ones.  There should be something in there for new and long time users of PhotoView 360.  Once again I’ll be partnering with Ron Bates for this session but tables are turned this time.  For this session I prepared most of the content. :).  SolidWorks World is a busy place filled with many session options and sometimes it’s hard to attend all the sessions you want.  If you’re a PhotoView 360 user you should try and attend at least one of these sessions.


See you in February.

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