Sessions at SolidWorks World 2014

SWW14SolidWorks World 2014 is quickly approaching and for the 9th consecutive year I’ll be giving presentations at the event.   As in the past my sessions will cover topics which aren’t necessarily considered mainstream in the SolidWorks community.  This is great because it’s a way for users to find good quality information about topics they might not be able to otherwise.  I like presenting because it gives me a chance to really connect with users and share what is hopefully helpful information.

Rendering and Animation Tips and Tricks CoverRendering and Animation Tips and Tricks: Tuesday, January 28th at 1:30

This session will cover tips to achieve better renderings and animations.  It’s a 60 minute session so we’ll have time to cover 5 tips for each subject.  Tips will range from the very basic to the more complex and there should be something in there for everyone at all skill levels.  This session isn’t meant to walk you through how to create renderings and animations.  It’s meant to focus on specific areas where users may run into difficulty and show tips or techniques to work through the issue.  As examples.  One rendering tip covers how to create a custom appearance to match a very specific color and pattern.  One animation tip covers how to perfectly create a fade from hide/show or color change components.

PhotoView 360 2014 Whats NewPhotoView 2014: What’s New: Wednesday, January 29th at 2:45

This session will cover all the new functionality found in PhotoView 360 2014.  It will actually go a bit further and also cover a few things found in SolidWorks (not PhotoView) that can/will help with creating images from the SolidWorks graphics window. For this session I’ll be teaming up with Ron Bates.  Ron is the former manager of graphical applications at DS SolidWorks.  At this moment in time there is no other person with as much knowledge about PhotoView than Ron.  If PhotoView is something you need more training and information about then you’ll definitely want to attend this session.

As always, if you have questions, comments or just want to say hi feel free to find me at one of my sessions or roaming around the convention center.  Hope to see you in San Diego.

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