PhotoView 360 Users See Some Love.

If you’re a PhotoView 360 user you may have noticed an increase in a flow of PhotoView 360 information from SolidWorks.  This is very welcome in my mind and I have to believe other PhotoView 360 users like this new information exchange as well.  This flow of information can be found at the SolidWorks forums and it’s coming in a couple of flavors.

The  first flavor is training orientated.  Ron Bates,  Manager of Graphical Applications at SolidWorks has been running a monthly PhotoView 360 training series titled PhotoView Friday.  In the Series Ron covers a specific PhotoView 360 topic and dedicates about 30 minutes of video time covering the information.  Topics range in subject matter and he likes to take requests so feel free to let him know what you’d like to learn more about.  Ron has just posted PhotoView Friday Episode 3 where he covers matched environments and background images as well as some depth of field information.   If you missed the previous PhotoView Friday episodes don’t worry, they are all posted in the PhotoView 360 area of the SolidWorks forum. He’s leaning towards rendered animations in Episode 4 which is one I will surely want to see.

The seconds flavor is geared towards a sharing of technical information.  Again, Ron has been spilling the beans on what PhotoView 360 users can find in the upcoming service packs.  He created a video for SP3 which showed the preview window speed increase and for the upcoming SP 4 Ron has also given us a look at what to expect.

Marlon Banta, Senior Product Definition Specialist at SolidWorks has also posted a very in depth look at Factors that affect PhotoView 360 render performance. This certainly has to be one of the longest posts I’ve seen in the forums and Marlon leaves no stone unturned.  Nice job Marlon.

A big thanks to both of these gentlemen for keeping PhotoView 360 users better informed. 😉

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