SolidWorks Experience
I was (and still am occasionally) a long time AutoCAD user.  I began using SolidWorks at release 99 and have been a believer of the software from day one.  I initially used SolidWorks to design complex cast iron and sheet metal parts for the heating industry.  For the last 8 years my SolidWorks usage has been to design various products for the granite industry.  I became a CSWP in January of 2004.

Rendering Experience
I began to teach myself PhotoWorks about 8 years ago and over the span of 3 years had made every mistake possible in my quest to achieve realistic images.  Mistakes however teach you a great deal and overtime I found myself producing incredible images using PhotoWorks.  My PhotoWorks learning experience is part of the reason I started my blog and a SolidWorks user group.  Over time I became known as the PhotoWorks resource and consulted on the PhotoWorks Step By Step Guide with SolidWorks.  From PhotoWorks I’ve moved on to PhotoView 360 and the quest for higher and higher quality images has led me into learning and using modo as well.

Work Experience
It would probably surprise most of you to know I have a degree in architecture and half of my work experience is architecture related.  Surprising because I don’t feel this is the typical background of a SolidWorks user.  Once this information is known the # 1 question I receive, “do you use SolidWorks for architecture?”.  The answer, yes and no.  The current products I design with SolidWorks do have an architectural look to them but are not nearly as complicated as a building would be to model.  Now and then I do take on residential design projects.  I find SolidWorks to be quite helpful with space planning, elevation generation and visualization.  Typically, I roughly model the building in SolidWorks so I can export DWG drawing views for detailing in a 2D package.

The other half of my work experience is mechanical with a little industrial design thrown in.  This work consisted mostly of complex iron castings that needed to fit both a form and function criteria as well as sheet metal part design.

Axis CAD Solutions LLC.
I started my own business in 2006 offering various CAD services to a variety of clients.  Over time Axis CAD Solutions LLC. has found a niche providing visualization services in the form of renderings and animations to clients in a variety of industries.

Speaking Engagements
I have visited a number of SolidWorks user groups  and SWUGN Summits over the years to give presentations on rendering.  I’m also a regular speaker at SolidWorks World where I typically give multiple sessions covering a variety of rendering topics.  If you’d like me to speak at a SolidWorks event feel free to contact me.

I’m a native of Vermont (the green mountain state) and love the lifestyle provided by the area.  I love the changing seasons and the different forms of recreation and activities the seasons provide.

My favorite season?  Winter!  I’m an avid snowmobiler.

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