SOLIDWORKS 2015 Sneak Peeks.


I’ll be traveling to the Dassault offices in Waltham,MA on September 4th for the SOLIDWORKS 2015 press roll out.  I  have been using the 2015 beta release for a couple of months now so some of the things shown at the roll out I will have already seen and used and others will be completely new.  The official public release of  SOLIDWORKS 2015 is September 9th.  Until that date SOLIDWORKS is releasing some “sneek peek” blog posts showing some of the new or enhanced functionality found in the 2015 release.  I’ve assembled them here for your viewing pleasure. You can find more at the SOLIDWORKS blog.  Don’t forget to check out the  SOLIDWORKS 2015 launch page when it goes live September 9th.

Incremental Simulation Results

Sketch Relations on Endpointssketch-shared-endpoint-pop-up

Drawing ZonesDrawing-zone-info-in-revision-table

Pattern Up To ReferencePattern_up_to_reference_spacing



Customize Context Sensitive ToolbarsShortcut-Toolbar-Customization

Profile Center MateProfile-mate1

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