My.SolidWorks open was introduced in beta during SolidWorks World 2013.  Last week the website finished it’s beta run and now it’s ready for the user community.  Think of as a one stop shop for SolidWorks  user community information that’s unique to you.  You don’t have to check a number of different SolidWorks sources for information, answers, videos, etc., with it’s all in one location.

Here’s the bullet info to get you up to speed quickly:

My.SolidWorks consolidates access to key sources in the SolidWorks community. It’s a place to find answers to questions you may have about being productive with SolidWorks, and keep up with recent activity in the community in a personalized experience.

* For now, My.SolidWorks doesn’t replace any of our existing online properties, including the Customer Portal. The Customer Portal has useful links to your Support activity, to system requirements, downloads and more, which are not currently available in My.SolidWorks. But for tips, insights and knowledge about how to use SolidWorks most effectively, we suggest using My.SolidWorks.

My.SolidWorks gives you a single place to find insight and expertise from all over the SolidWorks community. It lets you connect, discover and share anything and everything SolidWorks. My.SolidWorks provides immediate access to forum posts, online help, YouTube videos, blog posts and more. You can also search all of those sources for answers with a single click. All of the relevant results are delivered on one page

* Anyone can use My.SolidWorks via a web browser, at You’ll get the most capability when you’re logged in using your SolidWorks customer account.

* Customers with an active SolidWorks Subscription get the most value, because content tied to a subscription also appears in My.SolidWorks.

* Mobile capabilities as well as an add-in to SolidWorks will be added soon.

Head on over to My.SolidWorks and have a look.  It may become one of those sites you check every morning or on your lunch break or……….




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