Welcome To The New Site.

It’s been a time consuming process but I finally have a new website!  Since my life is continuously evolving my website’s need to do the same to more accurately represent me.  What I’ve done is combine my personal blog site, www.robrodriguez.com and my business site, www.axiscadsolutions.com into one site.  This should make it easier to manage the site and give the viewer a more accurate view of me.

If you’ve landed here using www.robrodriguez.com you’ve been taken directly to the blog page since that’s probably what you were expecting to find.  Robrodriguez.com also offered the Step by Step Guides and presentation downloads covering PhotoView 360 and Motion animation.  You’ll still find those at the new site under “Guides” and “Downloads”.

If you’ve landed here using www.axiscadsolutions.com you’ve been taken directly to the home page so you can find out more about my business services.  The new site also includes an expanded portfolio area full of images and animations.

Whatever your reason for stopping by, have a look around, find out about the services Axis CAD Solutions offers, look at our past projects, read the blog and then contact me to say, “hi” or inquire about how we can help you in your next project.

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