SolidWorks World 2010: Sunday

hilton-1I spent the day Saturday alpha test SolidWorks 2011.  There were about 15 other users there doing the same along with the SolidWorks product definition and usability teams.  Of course I can’t really talk about anything I saw at alpha testing since that would violate my NDA but I was impressed with some of the functionality.  One area in particular caught my interest (you can probably guess what that was) and I think I can safely safe past PhotoWorks users will feel very comfortable with SolidWorks 2011.

A lot of people began arriving Saturday after noon for SolidWorks World and by early evening there was a pretty good crowd forming in the Hilton Lobby.  I’m noticing SolidWorks hats, shirts and back packs everywhere and this means we are getting closer to the Sunday evening kick off in the partner pavilion.  In the picture to the left you’ll see some of the other SolidWorks bloggers.  We all met up for dinner and caught each other up on what’s been happening over the last year since SolidWorks World is really the only place where most of us see one another.

It’s Sunday morning now and while my official schedule is 100% open today until 5:30 I do have a lot of stuff to finish up before Monday morning.  First on the list is to register for the event.  Looks like all attendees at World will be receiving some really nice SolidWorks branded backpacks this year.  This is great since my old one is showing its age.

Next I have to check my session rooms and be sure the correct files have been loaded onto all the computers for my hands on session.  I’d hate to have to do this 10 minutes before the session starts since there are about 30 systems that will need to be checked.  I’ve also gathered up all the hand out material and have that ready for the session.  Small things really but it will ensure a smooth presentation when the time comes.  It’s nice to have time to do this on Sunday since the pace will be non stop once things get started on Monday. 

I have a little clean up work to do for my sessions and I’ll try and finish that up today.  They are 98% complete but I need to rehearse them one last time and revise a few things.  The sessions need to be submitted to SolidWorks a couple weeks before SolidWorks world so they can get them ready for posting after the conference.  Just because they have been submitted doesn’t mean they are 100% finished.  I’m not sure what others do but typically my presentations are evolving right up until the session. I want to make sure I give the best session I possibly can.  For that reason the best place to download my presentation after SolidWorks World is my website.  It will contain the most current copy.

I’m going to meet up with Paul McCrorey  for lunch.  Paul and I have been chatting over the last year  by e-mail and phone but have never met face to face.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  One of the great things about SolidWorks World is meeting people face to face you otherwise wouldn’t.  Paul is one of those people.

Of course at 5:30 I’ll be attending the reception in the partner pavilion.  That’s when Solidworks World officially starts and then I’ll be heading over to a user group leader party organized by Randy Lennox of the Boston Area SolidWorks User Group.  Rumor has it about 100 people have RSVP’d for that event so it should be a good time.  From there it’s off to the House of Blues for the Twitter/blogger social event being hosted by Matt West of SolidWorks.

So, even though officially my schedule is open all day you can see I’m still going to be pretty busy!  That’s part of the fun of this event! 😉

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