SolidWorks World 2010, I have arrived!

sww10We had to wait on the runway for about an hour because of high winds and the ride was a little bumpy for a while but the 65 and sunny weather here in Anaheim is so much nicer than the 5 degrees and snow I left at home. ūüôā¬† It’s Friday afternoon and¬†I just had lunch with Randall Bock.¬† Randall¬†leads the Happy Valley SolidWorks User Group.¬† I found him¬†exploring outside the convention center.¬†¬† The conference doesn’t offically start until Sunday evening with the partner reception but I came in a couple days early for some SolidWorks 2011 alpha testing.¬† I’m excited to see what’s been done with PhotoView 360 since the 2011 release is when it will fully replace PhotoWorks.

Stay tuned.¬† I’ll be reporting on the conference happenings as time permits.¬† I also have an interview lined up with Ron Bates.¬† Ron is the Manager of Graphical Applications at SolidWorks.¬† I’m hoping he can share some information with us about PV360 2011.¬† I’ll be at the Luxology press event as well where¬†I have the feeling some interesting announcements will be made about Modo.

If you’re attending World this year hurry up and arrive.¬† I’m here and I’m ready to get this thing started! ūüôā

Posted on January 29, 2010 in SolidWorks Worls 2010

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