Vermont SolidWorks User Group Meeting

dnn-nvtswug-logoThe next Northern Vermont SolidWorks User Group Meeting will be Thursday November ,19th from 6-9pm at the Waterbury Best Western in Waterbury, Vermont.  If you’re a SolidWorks user in the area feel free to stop in.

Here’s more information about the meeting.

This will be one of the best meetings we’ve ever held, here’s why.
If you’re a SolidWorks user you’ve no doubt been frustrated at some point by color, textures, appearance and RealView.  Right?  Depending on which version of SW you’re using they work differently.  Right?  Widely used and really basic functionality like this shouldn’t be confusing.  Right?  I think the answer to all that is “right”.  Over the last 3 releases SW colors, textures, appearances and RealView have  evolved and that evolution can be confusing.  Luckily for NVTSWUG members that confusion is going to be cleared up.  We’ll have Ron Bates, Graphical Applications Manager from SolidWorks.  Ron is going to talk about colors, textures, appearances and RealView.  He’s going to explain how they have evolved over the last  3 releases, future changes and explain why and what has been done.  This is the same session Ron will be giving at SW World 2010 so if you can’t make SW World and you want a taste of what a SW World presentation is like this is a good one to catch.
Have you ever had an SolidWorks installation issue?  Do administrative installs confuse you?  Do you have a difficult time with the SW Install Manager?  Have you wondered why you have to download 3 gigs of information to install a service pack?  Again if you’re an NVTSWUG member you’ll get  the answers to these questions and any other install questions you might have.  Melissa Appel is a Product Definition Specialist at SolidWorks and she’s been heavily involved with the SolidWorks installation process.  Like Ron her NVTSWUG presentation on installing SW will be the same presentation she gives at SW World 2010.
The REALLY great things about these presentations is they cover information EVERY SolidWorks user needs to know.  It doesn’t matter your industry, your job title, your specific task, your product……………………..if you’re a SolidWorks user you need to be well versed in installation and colors.
The two presentations described above alone are reason enough to attend the November meeting but if you need a bit more than how about this.  We will not be having pizza at this meeting!  Yes, that’s correct, “we will NOT be having pizza at this meeting”.  I’m going to change up the food bit for this one.
Still want more?  Ok.  We will be having cake at this meeting.  Why?  It’s the 5 anniversary of NVTSWUG and I think that deserves some cake.
Oh, almost forgot.  We’ll have some prize giveaways as we typically do.
We also need to talk about electing new group leadership for 2010 so that might be another reason to attend this meeting.
Whew, can we pack all this into 3 hours.  We’ll try but I have to admit this meeting might run a little long for the diehard’s.
So, honestly I don’t think we’ve ever had a meeting with technical content this good.  If you only go to 1 NVTSWUG meeting in your life this one should be it.
OK.  I’m done.  Really 😉
See you Thursday November, 19th at 6pm at the Waterbury Best Western.  Don’t be late 😉

Posted on November 11, 2009 in User Groups

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