PhotoView 360 2010 Tutorial Video: Bloom

PhotoView 360 2010 introduces a lot of new functionality that makes it a more capable product and moves it closer to replacing PhotoWorks in the 2011 release.  I’ve created eight tutorial videos in cooperation with SolidWorks to explain and expose users to this new functionality.  The videos will be appearing at the SolidWorks Gallery  website along with the other PhotoView 360 tutorial videos and gallery images in the very near future.  Until then I’m going to give you a sneak peak at all of them right here at my blog!  I’ll be posting one video a day for the next seven days, be sure and check back each day to view them all.

PhotoView 360 2010 adds bloom.  Bloom is an effect that can give areas of your image a glow.  As you would expect this can be helpful when your using light appearances such as LED, neon and area lights.   What you wouldn’t expect is can also be usefful to add glow to areas of your image that are just bright or have bright highlights.   Watch the video to learn more.



Click Image To Play Video

Click Image To Play Video

Posted on September 29, 2009 in PhotoView 360, Solidworks Learning Resources

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