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PhotoView 360 2013: Network Rendering


Network rendering is one of my top three enhancements for PhotoView 360 2013.  It will definitely save people time when processing final renders or fully rendered animations. Have a look at the video to find out more.



2 Responses to “PhotoView 360 2013: Network Rendering”

  1. Have you got any figures to say how much of a speed increase network rendering has? I’m very interested in networking our whole office, all quad cores to make a makeshift render farm.

    • Andrew Chase
    • Reply
    • I don’t. I’ve only done informal testing and there are a number of factors that will vary results. In general, the longer your render takes to process the more time you should save using network rendering. Meaning large single frame renders that take 30, 60 or more minutes will benefit more than renders that only take 10 min to complete.


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